Investing in our student community and supporting our Magnet teachers! The Magnet Foundation provides additional funds above what’s provided by the county to further enrich our students.

From purchasing software like MatLab, an online portal used for Research and Internship, to a VR Headset and Computer for Drafting and Architecture, take a look at the 2022-23 presentation to see how the funds were used to enhance and support the students and teachers. What will your donation fund next???

Year in Review – 2022-23

Check out the VR headset in the classroom!

The Magnet Foundation (Center for Advanced Studies Foundation), is a non-profit organization that supports the STEAM Magnet program on the campus of Wheeler High School. The role of the Magnet Foundation is to develop financial resources and coordinate volunteers to support the needs and growth of this outstanding program. The Foundation Board Members work closely with administration, teachers and students to:

  • Raise funds through Patron Program donations, the primary fundraising method, to fund:

    • appropriation requests from teachers and administration to ensure our classrooms  have state of the art equipment and new educational resources; and

    • all social & educational events that take place on the Magnet campus, such as STEAM Symposium & Senior Celebration

  • Coordinate parent and student volunteers to host student events and activities such as STEAM Symposium, Magnet Fix-it Day and Magnet Holiday Party.

  • Fund attendance for teachers and administration to educational seminars, conferences, retreats and on-campus training.

  • Provide resources to allow for students to attend the college of their choice.

There is no better investment than your child’s education.

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