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Great Volunteer Opportunities to Discover

Get involved in the Magnet Community doing something you enjoy. 

The possibilities are endless! 

Below are some areas to engage.

Single Day Volunteer
This is the ultimate in “transactional volunteering!”  Often there is an event or program where “day of” volunteers are needed.  You choose to participate, or not, based on your availability.  Single Day Volunteer events are often posted in Magnet E-news.

Bulletin Boards
Help create interesting and informative bulletin boards throughout the Magnet building.   

College Guidance Support Committee
Have you been through the college process?  Assist with College / Naviance evenings, Counselor Parent Coffees, College Tour planning, Counselor luncheons with students,  and other college guidance related events and programs.  

Standard Magnet Press Kits for Magnet Office & VIPs; Write Press Releases; Research Ways to Raise Visibility of Program.

Director’s Luncheons with Students
Set-up, clean-up and or provide supplies for monthly luncheons that Dr. Crooks has with students.  Approximately a one and a half hour monthly commitment.

e-ducation Initiative  – Leading a digital education initiative with fellow parents, faculty members and students in assisting Dr. Crooks in implementing her vision of eLearning opportunities and initiatives.  We need people to help, ideas to flow, and resources to make this happen!

Freshman Support
Help with Freshman Picnic, Prospective and Accepted Student Open Houses and 8th Grade Dessert Drop-in.

Assist with fundraising activities and/or events; Develop Corporate Financial & Volunteer Support; Develop Community Partnerships;  Search and write grants.

Provide food and/or snacks for Magnet and Wheeler wide events.

Internship Sponsor
Are you in a position to provide a meaningful internship to a Wheeler Magnet Senior?  Internship and Senior Project are the capstone of your student’s education at Wheeler.  Consider the possibilities.  Contact Dr. Maloney  for Magnet Internship Program

Lunch Monitors
Lunch monitors are needed daily to supervise Magnet students as they enjoy lunch in the Magnet Courtyard.  Work an hour and a half shift every couple of weeks or regularly when you can.  Chair 2015-2016 – Jayshree Sawant.

Magnet Community Events
Be involved in Magnet Community events.  Help prepare for festivities, set-up, clean-up, or be involved in one of the many other tasks involved which may include decorating, soliciting, marketing, database and helping at the event.

Magnet E-news
Assist with writing, reporting and/or publishing the Magnet E-news.  Weekly publication.

Magnet Fix-it Days
Twice per year on a Saturday morning, assist with small jobs such as minor repairs, as well as outdoor and indoor clean-up in and around the Magnet building.

Magnet Honors Nights
Help set-up and serve as host for two evenings (fall and spring) honoring student accomplishments.

Magnet Senior Banquet
This memorable event for graduating Seniors and their families, held in may, needs many volunteers.  Help prepare for the festivities (invitations, slide show, decorations), set-up, clean-up, or be involved in one of the many other tasks involved.

Middle School Outreach
Get the message out to Middle Schools about this tremendous opportunity for students with a strong interest in math and science.  Also, disseminate information regarding camps and other special opportunities at the Magnet to Cobb middle schools.

Take photos and preserve memories of various events.  You choose what event(s) to volunteer as photographer.

School Spirit
Assist with Auction; Develop Corporate Financial & Volunteer Support; Community Partnerships.

Senior Project Judge
Serve as Senior Project judge and enjoy the projects.

Teacher Advisements Dinners
Help prepare or secure, serve, setup and/or clean-up dinners for 10-18 teachers at the eight student advisements throughout the school year. It means a great deal to the teachers to have a homemade meal to eat while staying late to advise our students.

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