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What is F1 in Schools?
F1 in Schools is an international STEM competition for high school students in which teams must design and manufacture a model F1 car using CAD / CAM design tools. The car travels down an 80 foot track in nearly 1 second. The organization is international and involves 20 million students from 40 countries.
Who is Team Mu?
Team Mu is the F1 in Schools team at Wheeler high schools. The team includes 6 Wheeler Magnet seniors, and the group formed in October of 2015. Team Mu competed in the US/Canada national championship in May 2016 and placed 2nd overall. They will be heading to Austin, Texas this October to compete in the world finals for a chance to win a full scholarship to City College London worth over 1 million dollars.
Why Donate?
Your donation would help Team Mu fund all of their ideas and innovations to succeed in the world finals. In addition to helping the team, your donation will be tax deductible. Here are some options for Team Mu to make your donation worthwhile:

20 dollar donation : Team Mu t-shirt13133219_1070218339708927_679437570143474364_n
50 dollar donation : Spot on the Team Mu website sponsors page
200+ dollar donation : Spot on the Team Mu competition uniform

Contact us:
Email: f1.team.mu@gmail.com
Website: mu-racing.ga
Facebook: Facebook.com/f1teammu

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