Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is made up of parents, faculty and community leaders who have an interest in science, math and technology education.  It is a working Board and potential board members may contact the nominating committee to express an interest in future board vacancies.

Foundation board meetings are held once a month.

2017-2018 CASF board members

Jean Kisling President
Liz Gainsford & Carrie Leonardo Past Co-Presidents
Jana Kanyadan Treasurer
Laurie Dirksen Fundraising
Heather Mayne Student Support
Mark Buchanan Secretary
Jodi Podhaisky Communications
Joni Waltz College Support
Lorie Lanier Event Coordinator
Nadia Reis Volunteer Coordinator
Dr. Cheryl Crooks AP & Magnet Coordinator
Stacy Regitsky Magnet Advisor

Committees and Committee Chairs

Nominating Committee

Liz Gainsford & Carrie Leonardo Ex Co-Presidents
Jean Kisling President

Appropriations Committee

Jana Kanydan Chair
Jean Kisling President
Cheryl Crooks Faculty Advisor
Stacy Registky Faculty Advisor
Liz Gainsford & Carrie Leonardo Co- Past-Presidents
TBD  Magnet Parents

Committee Co-ordinators

Jodi Podhaisky Communications,  Eblast & Website
Cathy Herkert Teacher Support Coordinator
Charu Shridhar STEAM Symposium Magazine Coordinator
Cristina Noriega Bulletin Boards
Open Senior Banquet Coordinators
Open Lunch Monitoring Coordinator