Our Vision…

Established in 1999, The Center for Advanced Studies in Science, Math and Technology at Wheeler High School is quickly becoming the premier science, math, and technology magnet high school in Atlanta. Parents and community leaders created a nonprofit foundation in 2003 to develop financial and volunteer resources to support the needs of this outstanding program.

We envision a regional partnership with corporate, government and philanthropic leaders working together to support strong public education.

Mission Statement

The Center for Advanced Studies Foundation is a non profit organization that supports and advocates for the academic, social and emotional growth of students in the Center for Advanced Studies in Math Science and Technology at Wheeler High School through financial and volunteer efforts. The foundation also provides for the support of teachers and staff involved in the education of these students.

A Community Treasure

In an era in which the United States is criticized for producing students who cannot compete in the world arena in math and science, The Center for Advanced Studies is a shining star.

Highly competitive, The Center for Advanced Studies at Wheeler High School accepts applications from throughout Cobb County, one of the largest school systems in the nation.

As part of a national consortium of science, math, and technology schools and universities, The Center for Advanced Studies at Wheeler High School already has received national recognition and families are choosing to relocate to Atlanta in order to take advantage of this rigorous public education option. Current students come from public, private and homeschool backgrounds and are among the best and brightest in the state. More than 150 students have scored 800 on one or more sections of the SAT and four students scored perfect scores on the SAT (2400 and 1600’s respectively). Our students have received national recognition in prestigious science competitions including finalist and semifinalists in both the Intel Science Talent Search and the Siemens Westinghouse Science Competitions.

A top caliber science, math, and technology high school is a resource to current and prospective employees, an asset on par with having a champion sports team or an award-winning symphony. As Atlanta positions itself as a leader in the science and technology industries, cutting edge businesses will expect education opportunities that parallel and support their interests. The curriculum and teaching staff at The Center for Advanced Studies are second to none.

Partnerships with Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia,  the CDC and others put The Center for Advanced Studies at the forefront of scientific research and education in Georgia.

Get Involved

Parents and staff have made generous gifts to provide seed money to grow the program because they see the long-term value of a strong technology-based education.

This Foundation was created to seek community partnerships. Corporations, foundations and government can all play a supporting role in continuing to develop and expand the opportunities for talented young people.

Sponsorships, gifts and grants are needed. In-kind gifts of technology hardware and software and professional expertise are also welcome.

Georgia needs more pre-college success stories. This public school option is worthy of your support.